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Home Security Systems in Schenectady, NY

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having a security system that’s seamless, stressless, and worry-free. No matter what life throws at you, EOS Technologies has you covered:

  • Automatic door locks mean you don’t have to worry about a teenager losing a key. Log in to the remote access website or open an app on your smartphone and you can let her in without leaving the office. Make security routines foolproof – set the doors to lock at the same time every night and you’ll never again have to lie in bed and wonder whether you remembered to lock them.
  • With garage door controls, you always know your valuables are protected. Not sure if you remembered to close it before you left for work? With the our system’s mobile interface, you can check the door’s status and close it from your phone or computer.
  • Motion sensor lighting can keep you from stubbing a toe in a dark hallway or keep an intruder from taking another step into your home. You can even set your lights to turn on and off according to your regular usage patterns when you’re on vacation, so thieves never think your home is sitting empty.
  • Driveway sensors let you know when someone has driven onto your property, whether you’re in the living room or in Tahiti. Combined with your external surveillance cameras, you’ll be able to know right away whether it’s an innocent mistake or a matter for the police.
  • Monitor the situation inside your home as well as out. Interior sensors placed wherever you choose can send you a text message if there’s a leak in your basement or a locked cabinet is opened.

EOS Technologies can also coordinate your residential automation system with a wide variety of home security, alarm, and surveillance systems, integrating all of your information into a single, intuitive interface. Get complete system history, view current status, or monitor cameras from your home or mobile interfaces. Set the system to send you a text when a door opens so you know when the kids get home from school. Secure the house with a one-touch “goodnight” setting that turns off lights and televisions, closes garage doors, and arms the security system. Even assign temporary alarm codes to allow service people into the house or to let the neighbor watch the cat while you’re away.

Contact EOS Technologies today to find out more about how we can protect your family and secure your property.